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For credit card providers, adult entertainment businesses are classified as high risk merchants due to a greater ratio of chargebacks. Many chargebacks in the adult industry stem from simple embarrassment. Customers lack transactional anonymity and some will use fraudulent claim filing as a means to prevent adult services from appearing on personal financial records. It remains an industry wide problem, directly impacting the lives of sex workers and their ability to earn from legal services rendered. $NSFW provides a secure and immutable payment vehicle for adult entertainment businesses, sex workers, and customers that is built on blockchain technology, is free of chargebacks, and provides transactional anonymity to customers desiring it.

Shadow Banning
Sex workers experience frequent shadow banning, or outright profile deletion, on mainstream social media and streaming platforms. These discriminatory actions threaten the livelihood of many in the adult industry. $NSFW is the native token in a revolutionary adult entertainment ecosystem that diverges from media platforms discriminating against those in the adult industry. The Web3 ecosystem will provide a virtual world where sex workers can cultivate social media followings and diversified revenue streams without fear of account deletion.

Banking Discrimination
Banking services are often withheld from adult entertainment businesses and sex workers. NSFWpay is developing educational services for sex workers to learn how cryptocurrency can provide an alternative to centralized banking. Financial independence is possible now!

Untapped Revenue
$NSFW, and its use on the world’s largest adult NFT marketplace, provides adult entertainment businesses and sex workers an opportunity to develop additional revenue streams through the creation, minting, and selling of NFTs. In November 2021, $NSFW was used to purchase a single adult NFT for $125,000.69. Hundreds of additional NFT sales have been made with $NSFW since its creation in April 2021. Sex workers not aware of emerging technologies are missing revenue capture opportunities available within the adult space. We help facilitate those opportunities with $NSFW.

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$NSFW expanding Utility

$NSFW solves a number of issues within the adult industry, but it truly differentiates itself from other cryptocurrencies as the native token for an entire Web3 ecosystem. It is the interplay between the $NSFW value streams and platforms, as an interconnected ecosystem, that will unlock the full potential and utility of the token.

NFT Marketplace

$NSFW is the native token within xxxNifty, the world's largest adult NFT marketplace. The platform was launched in April 2021 as a fully functional Web2 NFT marketplace, making it the first ever in the adult space. xxxNifty has since grown to be the largest collection of adult NFT content on the web. The Web3 xxxNifty NFT marketplace will release in Q1 of 2022 with a revolutionary NFT tool suite.

NFT Marketplace

Staking Rewards

$NSFW implemented a strategic staking protocol that aligns a reward system with the Web3 ecosystem in development. Staking provides an opportunity to create gamification and rewards that tie to all the platforms, making $NSFW ownership an even more valuable component within the ecosystem. Staking is the next step in a path toward industry adoption. Most top cryptocurrency exchanges do not support burn and reflection tokenomics, but staking protocols are not a barrier to listing. Finally, staking provides stability to the coin by locking a portion of the circulating supply for the designated staking periods.

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Social Platform

It was recognized that a decentralized social platform would need to be a part of our Web3 adult ecosystem due to shadow banning, account deletion, frozen payments, and lack of long term platform stability for content creators on sites like Twitch and OnlyFans. Pleasurely development was fast tracked in August 2021 when OnlyFans flirted with an immediate ban of adult content. A Web2 version of Pleasurely was started to ensure a platform for displaced sex workers would be available. Alpha testing of the Web2 Pleasurely is being utilized to gather feedback and incorporate it in the full Web3 version of the platform which is tracking toward a beta release in Q1 2022. Once released, Pleasurely will provide a platform where content creators are freed from the risk of losing accounts and having to rebuild a fan base. $NSFW works within Pleasurely to provide a decentralized payment vehicle that prevents centralized financial institutions from freezing creator funds.

Coming Q1 2022


$NSFW will be the premier currency for operating within our own adult metaverse. A Non Disclosure Agreement won't let us say much more. Stay tuned.

Payment Gateway

While not in active development, this is a product in queue that will make $NSFW THE adult industry token. Designing a gateway to enable $NSFW on Web2 platforms decouples the adult industry from traditional financial payment processors. It allows the industry to naturally evolve into full Web3 while providing a more immediate solution for many of the Web2 issues that exist today.

Studio and Agency Partnerships

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How to buy $NSFW on a mobile device

Ensure you have a multi-coin cryptocurrency wallet: MetaMask ( or Trust Wallet ( For the purposes of this guide, MetaMask will be used.

If you do not have a multi-coin cryptocurrency wallet, follow the instructions here for initial setup:

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If you have a MetaMask wallet that has never been connected to Binance Smart Chain, follow the instructions here:

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To add $NSFW as a custom token in your MetaMask wallet, follow the instructions here:

When prompted for Token Contract Address, input 0x9daaa05946e486add2c81e0d32d936866b8449d9

Buy tokens

Open MetaMask on your mobile device.

Click the Triple Bar icon in the upper left corner.

Click Browser in the left hand pane.

Enter in the URL search bar. Once directed to the Flooz.Trade DApp, click the Connect icon in the upper right hand corner.

A box will appear asking what wallet you want to connect to. Click the MetaMask icon.

Another box will appear asking you to verify you want to connect to the site. Ensure you are connecting to, and then click Connect.

Buy tokens

Your wallet is now connected to

Click the $ icon on the bottom tray.

Click the Buy BNB icon.

Follow on screen steps to complete your purchase using Apple Pay or a credit card.

Buy tokens

Ensure you are still on the site. If not, navigate back to as outlined in Step 3.

Ensure your wallet is still connected to If not, connect your wallet as outlined in Step 3.

Click on the Magnifying Glass search icon in the upper right hand corner.

A $BNB to $NSFW swap page will appear. Click the pink MAX icon.

Your To and From amounts will populate. Now click the large pink Swap button.

Congratulations, you are now the proud owner of $NSFW! Welcome to our community.

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From VHS tapes and Blu-Ray disks, to the establishment of eCommerce and online payments in the early internet, the adult industry has consistently been a deciding voice at the forefront of emerging technologies. We are excited to continue this tradition with $NSFW and bring the beauty of blockchain to the adult industry. The Web3 vision becomes reality in 2022.

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Meet the team

This is a company, community, and coin founded on creating a safe, secure, inclusive, and valuable ecosystem for content creators and their customers. We love what we do!

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Nicolas Developer
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Alexandre Developer
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NoFaceGuy Product Lead
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Jur UX / UI Designer
Ben Chief Business Development Officer
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Tommy Community Director
Tim Chief Executive Officer
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Gatinsh Designer
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Andi Creative Director
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Max Developer
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Mirthe Project Management
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Offel Investor Relations
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Xander Chief Marketing Officer
photo_2021-11-22 15.33.13
Silfy Model Manager
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Liv Creator Support
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Ella Creator Support
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Gavin Chairman
Gregory Lead Developer
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Whitney Executive Assistent
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